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Future Spending Plans: 2016-17

To maximise Pupil Premium learners’ achievements in Maths & English, as well as across the whole school curriculum:

  • To maximise PP learners (total & capped) point scores in relation to national average
  • To narrow the gap, within school, of learner attainment
  • To support PP learners emotionally, socially and academically
  • To broaden learners’ cultural experiences across both the Care and School curriculums


Many of the projects introduced during 2015-16 have successfully supported our learners and have had a positive impact of their academic performance, as well as their social and emotional development. We aim to continue developing these projects and responding to the needs of our learners and their changing circumstances, as they arise.

Key areas of focus:

  • Accelerated Reader programme
  • Raising Literacy levels of our learners
  • Improving the Working Memory of our learners (project trial taking place with an identified cohort)
  • Development of the ‘Communication Champions’ programme, supporting the Speech, Language and Communication needs of our learners


Estimated Pupil Premium Grant funding for 2016-17: £28, 350

Date of Review for Impact of PPG Spending for 2016-17: 20/07/17