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Work Book Assembly 

At the end of October, Brompton Hall celebrated World Book Week with a visit from Lawrence Herklots.  The Speaker explored how, over a long period of time, ideas become transformed into rich and fantastic stories.  We were taken on an imaginative journey from Transylvania to Whitby, in the company of Dracula - and the Speaker’s Mad Uncle Radu. 

Not only did Mad Uncle Radu look after Transylvanian sheep, he was also a musician.  Of sorts.  Mr Herklots has inherited his mad ancestor’s wooden nose flute (yes, true) and he showed the boys how it can be played – through his nostrils. 

A lively and entertaining morning ensued.  Several of the boys had a go at blowing down the hand held pipe instruments, while the Speaker himself also performed on the Northumbrian and Scottish Small Pipes. 

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